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Top Saw Pocket Wrench - Model A 1916
An all in one chainsaw tool!

Top Saw Pocket Wrench - Model A 1916

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Part Number:1052
The Pocket Wrench is a hand tool that has 8 tools in it to allow the user to work on a chainsaw in the field. 
The tool easily fits in your pocket (4 ½” long) and contains a large screwdriver for bar adjustment, a T27 Torx for all bolts on a Stihl chainsaw, a small screwdriver (for fuel and bar oil adjustment), a 4mm Allen Wrench (for work on Echo and Husqvarna saws), and has a 13mm (1/2”) socket that will fit a bar nut on a half or full wrap handle Husqvarna saw.  The other end of the tool has a 19mm deep socket that can be reversed with a 16mm deep socket for the spark plug on all saws and a bar nut on a Stihl saw. 
It comes with a nylon sheath so you can hang it on your belt and take it with you. 
Additionally it can be used as a file handle, there is a set of holes in the socket for a chainsaw file to be placed. 
All tools are easily replaceable.