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Samson True Blue 1/2" - Sold by the Foot

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True-Blue is an all polyester climbing rope with high strength, low stretch, excellent abrasion resistance and a long service life. It's got a great feel with good flexibility and knot holding abilities. The single braid construction eliminates the need for milking and stays firm and round in use. True-Blue can also be used for light duty rigging applications. True-Blue braided climbing line is a unique combination of solution dyed blue polyester fiber wrapped over white polyester in a Samson 12-Strand braid. The result is permanent color that won't fade or run, with high visibility in trees.
100% polyester
Low stretch, high strength
No milking necessary
Stays firm and round in use
Maintains excellent flexibility
Maximum service life
Single Braid Can also be used for light/medium duty rigging operations
Class I Non-Spliceable Climbing Lines