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Oregon Round Files - 3/16

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Part Number: 1624
Swiss double-cut file design with • Superior performance, outcuts the competition precision cutting-tooth angles (see the test results on the back of this page) and fewer teeth per inch than • Excellent initial sharpness and long stay-sharp competitive files Chipbreaking second cut removes material more efficiently than competitive files Oregon® files are less likely to clog or trap filings than other brands Precision centerless grind • File diameter and tooth height are uniform Consistent, accurate roundness Uniform file diameter and tooth height • Fast material removal and smooth filing action State-of-the-art manufacturing processes Uniform, optimum hardening • Superior stay-sharp Consistent, reliable service from every file High-quality finishing, including • Teeth are clean, ready for work sandblasting and demagnetizing • Demagnetizing after heat-treat helps prevent clogging Daily metallurgical examinations, • Superior raw material standards help ensure fatigue tests, and scanning electron a superior finished file microscope evaluations • Superior performance, durability, and file-to-file consistency are assured before files are shipped File tang is formed, not cut • Tang length is uniform, no burrs nor sharp edges Specially designed ready-to-display • Attractive to customers while protecting the packaging files from rusting or dulling during shipment Forestry Products Insist on genuine Oregon® files and accessories OREGON® vs. THE COMPETITION