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New England Hi-Vee - 1/2" - 600 Foot Roll

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Part Number: 420R
Hi-Vee is the industry standard 16-strand climbing rope. New England's engineered design and attention to manufacturing details set Hi-Vee apart from similar ropes.
First, each strand in Hi-Vee is comprised of tightly plied fibers.
Second, New England's strands feature fibrillated polyolefin. This fiber is a better quality fiber than the stiff MFP monofilament polypropylene used in other 16-strand climbing ropes. Fibrillated polyolefin is softer and more flexible which translates into a rope with superior knotability, better handling and no "memory" – the rope coils nicely and does not have kinks after it's untied. The entire rope is coated with a protective finish to enhance abrasion resistance.
Blue safety core yarns act as a warning flag should rope become heavily abraded or cut.
16-Strand cover consists of tightly-plied polyester surrounding polyolefin cores, significantly reducing weight without compromising firmness and roundness.
Cover yarns are treated with a special formula enhancing abrasion resistance and extending the service life of the rope.
High visibility cover yarns stands out in the workplace making it an ideal critical safety line.